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Someone Is Going To Come

In the stage play of Fosse, house is existing for people to fight against the external shocks. Sometimes, this might be their handpicked house, a house that drains all their saving to buy, representing their initial dream, love, hope and ideal life.

we are now standing beside our house
our own house
we will stay together in here
you and I are alone and together
in this house
you and I will
be alone and together
keep away from all the other people
in this house we will stay together
and together
And sometimes, this is a sanctuary where they are looking for warmth and a way out, at least that’s what they hope.

In the stage play of Fosse, these old houses standing on the cliff have to confront the roaring waves, bleak cold wind of late autumn, endless rain and dark night, they decay and decline with each passing day. It is just like the vulnerable state of the house, people who live in these houses are also vulnerable and fail to protect themselves. Fragile dream and a hope seeking for warmth are doomed to suffer a blow.